Food Industry

The cleaning of conveyor belts and other sensitive parts in machines and equipments in the food manufacturing industry can be difficult. In modern society, there are high hygiene standards in food factories. BG Cleaning Systems can assist you in achieving these high hygiene and sanitation standards.

BG Cleaning Systems Integrated Specialized Cleaning Services can provide the specialized cleaning needs of food manufacturing plants that cannot be dealt with in regular cleaning.

BG Cleaning Systems constructs with the client a customized cleaning program that meets the standard of the local health and sanitation authorities.

BG Cleaning Systems can also carry out monthly, quarterly, or yearly deep cleaning of the facilities of food factories including their machines and equipments. We can also sanitize and disinfect the facility from E. Coli, fungal infestations and other harmful microorganisms by employing the use of our Integrated Specialized Cleaning Services.

Among our clients in the food manufacturing industry are:

  • Bakeries
  • Meat factories
  • Food processing plants
  • Animal feeds manufacturing plants
  • and more...

BG Cleaning Systems has the ideal cleaning solution for your specialized cleaning needs in the food manufacturing industry.